We had an absolute blast celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary at Mikey’s Late Night Slice with our budtenders! The day was filled with delicious slices, music, games, and Timeless goodies for the first 30 guests at the door! Thank you budtenders for the incredible work you do in supporting our brand. We’re so grateful for your expertise in guiding consumers through their cannabis journey!

Late Night Slice kicked off back in 2009 with a humble setup in the parking lot attached to an apartment. Little did they know that this would be the start of something incredible. Since then, Late Night Slice has expanded to several locations and two food trucks, becoming synonymous with “Columbus’ Original Street Pizza.”. Big thanks to their incredible team for hosting us and making our 10 Year Anniversary celebration a night to remember!
Mikey’s Late Night Slice
We got a chance to chat with Jason, the co-founder of Mikey’s Late Night Slice.

1. What’s your go-to order at the restaurant?

I’m pretty proud of our Pizza-of-the-Week program. The majority of those recipes are ones that I developed, and some are about the tastiest pizzas you can imagine with hilarious and fun branding surrounding them. My favorite is probably the “Gabagool” which is an Italian Sub flavor. I always grab a slice of whatever the PoW is, as well as a Plain-Ass Pepperoni.

2. Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs in the food industry?

I have a lot, ha ha. You hear the same thing all the time from TED talks and whatnot. But it’s absolutely true when they say that you need to be able to let go to grow. Mikey and I can’t spend our days on the line making pizzas and still have the energy to come up with marketing initiatives and plans for expansion. It’s comfortable to work on repeatable tasks. But it’s seeing the long game and working on things that can’t be completed in an afternoon that will take you to whatever your next level is.

3. Do you utilize cannabis in your day to day life? Tell us about how you live an empowered life through cannabis.

I can say “yes” these days, right? Ha ha…. I have been a daily user for many years. I live with a number of conditions that have affected me in school and elsewhere in life that cannabis has helped with, in no small way. Since its legalization, I have been able to explore how different types and strains affect my ability to concentrate, to be creative, to focus on tasks, to remain confident in social situations, and more. It’s truly amazing what can be treated with the right cannabis, and how superior it is to traditional drugs and medication.

A Slice of Fun: Celebrating 10 Years of Timeless

Learn more about Mikey’s Late Night Slice:
Website – https://www.latenightslice.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/latenightslice