What is a designer vape pen? At Timeless, we collaborate with artists and clothing brands to create our version of a designer vape pen. Our Timeless Artist Legacy Series is a collaborative effort with artists to apply their artwork to our signature Flip Case and Battery, like a canvas. We’re committed to making innovative flavors and accessories, and we release new special-edition collaborations several times throughout the year. Explore our latest collaborations on alwaytimeless.com and on our Instagram!

We’re proud to provide meticulous craftsmanship along with bold flavor and potency. The performance and quality of our vapes is matched by their art-forward designs. Timeless has collaborated with renowned artists and brands including:
Timeless x Quiet Golf
– Timeless x John F. Malta for Shred for the Cure
Timeless x Foulplay
Timeless x Ashley Macias
Timeless x Tato Caraveo
Timeless x VeniceBall
Timeless x Apexer
Timeless x Manor