Can I suggest a flavor?

While we cannot promise that we are able to create every flavor that is suggested to us, feel free to send us your ideas here!

I have a question about shipping on a recent order?

Please email us at [email protected] with your question and be sure to include your order number.

Where is Timeless Vapes located?

Our headquarters is in Arizona. You can currently find our products in licensed dispensaries in Arizona, California, Missouri, Ohio & Oklahoma. We currently only wholesale to licensed dispensaries in AZ, CA, MO, OH, and OK.

Do you ship filled cartridges?

No, we only sell accessories and merch online. To purchase filled cartridges please see the store locator to find a dispensary that carries them.

What is cannabis distillate?

A cannabis oil distillate is one of the cleanest and most potent concentrates on the market.

How to use a Timeless Vapes Cartridge and Battery?

The battery + cartridge combination is breath actuated, so all you will need to do is inhale once you have screwed on your Timeless Vapes cartridge to the battery. You will know that it’s working when the light on the end of the pen is illuminated and you inhale vapor.

How  long does the cartridge last?

That depends entirely on usage. You will know the cartridge is empty when the flavor runs out and there is no more vapor when you inhale.

Are there pesticides or additives?

No, we do not use any pesticides when creating our products. There is no PG, PEG, VG, MCT or Vitamin E Acetate in our cartridges, ever. Our cartridges only contain cannabinoids and terpenes, no fillers, additives, or cutting agents, etc.

Can I purchase cartridges directly from you?

No, we do not offer any direct to patient sales of our medicated products. All purchases of medicated or recreational items must be done through licensed dispensaries. You can find an interactive map of all our dispensary locations on the store locator page.

I don’t see a new or specific flavor at my dispensary! How can I get a specific flavor?

Ask your favorite dispensary to order the flavor that you want! They won’t know you’re looking for it if you don’t ask them.

Do you have an event calendar of what specials are going on?

Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop on all things Timeless. We send them out weekly so you know where to find us and all our great deals!

What happens if my battery isn’t working?

The first thing you’ll want to confirm is that you are using a Timeless Vapes Cartridge with your Timeless Vapes battery. You’ll also want to confirm that it is, in fact, the battery that is not working, versus a cartridge that is not working. You can test the battery to see if it works by inhaling through the open end of the battery unit. If the light illuminates, the battery is operational. A few troubleshooting options for a clogged cartridge:

You can try is to clean the “contact” or the connection point where the cartridge meets the battery. We recommend using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

Warm the cartridge in a closed fist to loosen any potential clogs in the screw terminal.

Blow through the screw terminal to loosen any potential clogs in the cartridges.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work and the battery unit isn’t working and is less than 90 days old, please return the battery and the USB charger with the proof of purchase to wherever it was initially purchased. If the battery was purchased at a dispensary, please contact them directly. All of our licensed dispensary partners should be facilitating returns on our behalf, so if you encounter an issue, please contact us so we can contact the dispensary on your behalf.

If you purchased your battery through the Timeless website, please contact us directly.

How often should I charge my battery?

It depends on how often you use your Timeless Vape.  Try not to let the battery run all the way down to a zero charge. As soon as it starts blinking, we recommend charging your Timeless Vapes battery as soon as possible. It should take less than two hours for the battery to fully charge. We do not recommend leaving the battery on the charger overnight as that can deplete the battery.

Can I use my Timeless Vapes cartridge with another battery?

We do not recommend using other batteries besides a Timeless Vapes battery with our Timeless Vapes cartridges.  Our batteries are specially designed to function at the optimal temperature for our Timeless Vape cartridges. Other batteries may be at too high of a voltage for the Timeless Vape cartridge and may cause the hardware to malfunction.

If you choose to use your Timeless Vapes cartridge with another battery, we cannot guarantee that the cartridge will be able to replaced if damaged.

How do I know if the battery needs charging?

You will know that the battery needs charging when the light on the end blinks and there is little to no vapor when inhaled.

How do I know if the battery is charging?

When you plug the battery into the USB charger/adapter, the light on the end will remain illuminated while it is charging.

Have additional questions?

Email us at [email protected] or send us a message on Instagram