If you love Timeless, you’ll love Tumble! Tumble infused pre-rolls feature distillate made with Timeless Terps and THCA diamonds. Our products are all natural; you can always count on Tumble to be free of additives and adhesives. Experience higher potency, smoother burning, and better flavor with Tumble.

The flavors you love by Timeless, now in new flavors + infused with THCA diamonds!

Through our unique tumbling process, we thoroughly infuse freshly-ground whole-flower, distilled THC, Timeless Terpenes, and pure THCA diamonds into a high potency cone that is consistent from start to finish. The addition of THCA diamonds to Tumble provides a higher potency, smoother-burning, and more flavorful pre-roll. Tumble’s infusion process eliminates the need to spray, glue, or dip our joints in cannabinoids – ensuring high quality products that help our travelers reach their desired summit.

Discover new heights with Tumble ~ Now with THCA diamonds!