Apple Fritter

Fresh Apples and Vanilla with Spicy Herb Notes

50% Indica, 50% Sativa
Top Notes – Apples, Fruit, and Vanilla
Bottom Notes – Herbs and Spice


Apple Fritter: Timeless Noir
Apple Fritter, a distinguished vape strain, is an intriguing blend curated for cannabis connoisseurs. This strain, notable for its unique bouquet of terpenes and cannabinoids, offers a consistent intensity with each draw from the vape cartridge, standing out among various strains.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
Each inhale of Apple Fritter from the vape cartridge delivers a flavor that’s both nostalgic and gourmet, satisfying even the most intricate of palates with its rich flavor. Apple Fritter strain’s flavor profile is complex and evocative, distinctly setting it apart from other strains in terms of flavor.


Apple Fritter offers balanced effects, a hallmark of a finely crafted strain. Initially, this vape strain brings a gentle cerebral uplift, sparking creativity and a light-hearted mood – a characteristic experience of premium vape strains. As you continue with this strain, a warm, enveloping relaxation ensues, grounding and soothing the senses, typical of a well-rounded vape strain.

Similar Strains

What is Apple Fritter similar to?
Apple Fritter’s unique aromatic and flavor characteristics in the vape cartridge are akin to strains like Apple Jack or Caramel Apple, which also offer a sweet flavor profile. For those seeking a blend of fruity sweetness combined with relaxation, strains like Apple Kush and Cinnamon Cookies in vape cartridges might be delightful flavor alternatives. Additionally, for those in pursuit of the comforting essence of baked goods in a vape flavor, strains like Cherry Pie or Blueberry Muffin in vape cartridges offer similar flavorful experiences, making them great alternatives to the Apple Fritter strain.