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Cold Snap

Discover Cold Snap, our latest holiday strain, with a 70% Indica blend. Available for a limited time.

Timeless Vapes Holiday Flavor Cold Snap 1000mg

70% Indica, 30% Sativa (REST). Our new holiday strain for 2023 absolutely slaps. It’s a mixture of baked goods, nuttiness and menthol that we called Cold Snap. This unique blend is only around for a limited time run. At participating dispensaries only, not even Santa can get you one. Leave the presents under the tree because this is the only thing you’ll want to unwrap.


Celebrate with Cold Snap: Timeless Vape’s Winter Wonderland
Cold Snap is our exclusive holiday strain for 2023. Created from a unique cross between Biscotti and The Menthol, this 70% Indica blend offers an intricate aroma and taste that’s absolutely riveting. This vape strain is limited edition and available only at participating dispensaries.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
Cold Snap delivers a harmonious symphony of flavors in each vape. The initial taste from the vape cartridge boasts notes of menthol, diesel, and blue cheese. Cold Snap also has deeper undertones of earth, pine, sour citrus, and vanilla, adding to the complex flavor profile in this vape strain. This complex blend in the vape cartridge is crowned by caryophyllene, its dominant terpene, making it a truly invigorating flavor experience.


Experience relaxation like no other with this vape strain! As this relaxed state sets in from vaping Cold Snap, a gentle, warm tingle starting from the spine radiates throughout, ushering in a sense of arousal and peace. With THC levels ranging between 15-22% in this vape cartridge, its calming effect is ideal for combating relieving stress and anxiety.

Similar Strains

What is Cold Snap similar to?
While Cold Snap stands out for its distinctive characteristics in the vape world, cannabis aficionados who appreciate its flavor profile might also enjoy strains such as:

Biscotti: A parent strain to Cold Snap, it offers a sweet cookie flavor in its vape form.

The Menthol: The other parent strain, known for its refreshing minty profile in vape cartridges.

Experience the depth and complexity of Cold Snap today – the perfect gift you’ll want to unwrap this holiday season. This vape strain, with its unique blend and flavor, is a must-try in its exclusive cartridge form.