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Georgia Pine


Noir live resin vape cartridge - Georgia Pine


Noir Georgia Pine: A Perfectly Balanced Strain
Noir Georgia Pine is a journey into a world where flavor, balance, and quality collide. Crafted from a harmonious blend of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, this strain is the child of Killer Queen G13 and William’s Wonder. With a nod to tradition and a leap towards innovation, ensuring every cartridge is packed with unparalleled flavor.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
Georgia Pine serves up a complex blend of sweet candy, bold diesel, and earthy pine flavors wrapped in a subtle chemical finish. You’ll savor every note from the first puff to the last.


This strain strikes a perfect balance, uplifting your spirits and soothing your body in equal measure. Whether you’re in need of inspiration or relaxation, a few hits from this vape will have you covered. Expect to feel relaxed yet blissful, with a creative buzz that’s just right for any time of day.

Similar Strains

What is Georgia Pine Strain similar to?
For those who adore the complexity of Georgia Pine and are on the lookout for similar experiences, consider giving these vape cartridges a try:

Alien OG: Known for its potent mix of pine and citrus flavors with a hint of earthiness, Alien OG offers a comparable vibe to Georgia Pine, especially with its balanced effects that cater to both mind and body.

Pineapple Express: While more on the fruity side, Pineapple Express shares the uplifting and creative boost of Georgia Pine, with a sweet tropical flavor that’s complemented by subtle pine undertones.

Granddaddy Purple: For those who appreciate the relaxation aspect of Georgia Pine, Granddaddy Purple offers deep physical relaxation and a similarly complex berry and grape flavor profile with earthy undertones.

These strains are recommended for their ability to provide effects or flavors that resonate with what you love about Georgia Pine. Each vape cartridge brings its own unique twist, whether it’s in the flavor profile or the nuanced effects they offer, making them perfect for exploring different but related experiences.


Prominent Terpenes
Georgia Pine strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid, crafted from a blend of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This strain, a child of Killer Queen G13 and William’s Wonder, offers a complex flavor profile of sweet candy, bold diesel, and earthy pine, with a subtle chemical finish. The combination of Terpinolene, Myrcene, Limonene, Ocimene, and Caryophyllene provides uplifting and soothing effects, making it ideal for both inspiration and relaxation.

  • Terpinolene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Ocimene
  • Caryophyllene