GMO x Rootbeer Timeless Azul Live Rosin Cartridges

GMO x Rootbeer

Fuel Earth Spice Cream

Timeless Azul GMO x Rootbeer Live Rosin

70% Indica / 30% Sativa


GMO x Rootbeer Strain: Timeless Azul Live Rosin
GMO x Rootbeer is a novel blend that offers a symphony of flavors, creating an experience that’s both reminiscent of comforting traditions and anticipative of new sensations. Our GMO x Rootbeer strain achieves a harmonious balance between its potent components, promising a journey that is consistently delightful.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
GMO x Rootbeer paints a palate of extraordinary contrasts. The initial impression is marked by a robust earthy taste, a nod to the GMO lineage. This earthiness is soon complemented by the sweet, nostalgic notes of classic rootbeer, complete with hints of sassafras, vanilla, and wintergreen. The result is a flavor profile that marries the deep, natural essence of cannabis with the playful indulgence of a soda fountain favorite.


Embarking on the GMO x Rootbeer experience promises a nuanced play of effects. There’s an initial cerebral uplift, fostering creativity and alertness, making it a fitting choice for those looking to elevate their mental pursuits. However, as the journey evolves, a calming relaxation blankets the body, providing relief and tranquility. This duality ensures that the user enjoys the best of both worlds!

Similar Strains

What is GMO x Rootbeer similar to?
GMO x Rootbeer’s unique blend positions it in a niche of its own, but there are a few strains that resonate with parts of its profile. For those who appreciate the deep earthy notes, strains like Garlic Bud or GMO Cookies might be of interest. If the sweet, nostalgic hints of rootbeer are what captivate, strains like Vanilla Kush or Cream Soda might be worthy alternatives. For a balance of cerebral and relaxing effects, strains such as GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) or Bubba Kush can be explored.