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Kosher Kush


Timeless Noir Kosher Kush 1000mg

80% Indica, 20% Sativa

Top Notes – Fresh Lemon and Herbs
Bottom Notes – Pine and Spice


Kosher Kush: A Mix of Citrus & Spice
Introducing Kosher Kush – a sophisticated strain that transcends your senses to a world of refreshing scents and flavors. This carefully curated flavor encapsulates the unique heritage of an 80% Indica strain and 20% Sativa strain, producing a relaxing and balanced experience.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
Kosher Kush showcases a vibrant blend of flavors. The top notes feature a burst of fresh lemon and herbs. As the flavor deepens, the bottom notes of pine and spice emerge, leaving a lasting impression with their rich, earthy tones. Enhanced with Paradise OG from True Terpenes – Live Resin, the flavors of Kosher Kush acquire a further dimension of complexity.


Being an Indica-dominant strain, Kosher Kush delivers a deeply relaxing effect. Its soothing properties make it a perfect choice for unwinding after a long day or simply when you need a moment of tranquility. The 20% Sativa component ensures a balanced high, invigorating the mind and inspiring creativity without overstimulation.

Similar Strains

What is Kosher Kush similar to?
If you find the unique character of the Kosher Kush strain appealing, you may also enjoy strains such as OG Kush for its similar pine and citrus flavor profile, or Bubba Kush, known for its strong relaxation effects. Strains like Lemon Skunk or Pineapple Express, with their citrus and herb notes, could also provide a similar experience.