Timeless Vapes NOIR LSD Live resin cartridge Timeless June New Flavor Apexer + NOIR live resin



Timeless Vapes Noir LSD vape cartridge

55% Indica, 45% Sativa

Top Notes – Fresh Pine and Herbs
Bottom Notes – W/ Sour Citrus and Skunk


LSD: Timeless Noir
LSD is a masterpiece in the cannabis spectrum, offering an unforgettable voyage. Named for its mind-bending effects, our LSD strain is a testament to the complexity and depth that premium cannabis can achieve. Each draw from the vape cartridge promises an entrancing journey, making this strain a unique experience in the world of vaping.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
The LSD strain excites the palate with a medley of contrasting flavors. The initial hit from the vape cartridge reveals a robust, earthy musk, which is a signature flavor of this strain. This is seamlessly complemented by sweet, floral undertones and a touch of citrus, adding layers to the flavor profile in each vape cartridge. The intricate blend of flavors in the LSD vape cartridge makes it a standout choice for those seeking depth and variety in their vaping experience.


The LSD strain is renowned for its intense cerebral effects when vaped. Onset is marked by a wave of euphoria and a gentle body relaxation from the vape, grounding the experience and preventing it from becoming overwhelming. It’s the ideal strain for artistic endeavors or deep introspection, offering a balanced and immersive experience in each vape cartridge.

Similar Strains

What is LSD similar to?
LSD’s unique characteristics make it stand apart from other strains, but those seeking similar experiences may be drawn to strains like Amnesia Haze or Blue Dream in vape cartridges for their cerebral uplift and balanced body and mind effects. Those enchanted by LSD’s earthy and sweet flavor combination might also find joy in vape strains like GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) or Purple Haze in their vape cartridges. For a similarly immersive experience in terms of flavor and effects, strains such as Golden Goat or Moby Dick in cartridges can be explored, each offering a distinct journey within the world of vape strains.