Mendo Breath

Vanilla and Caramel Candy with Notes of Spice and Pine

70% Indica, 30% Sativa
Top Notes – Vanilla and Caramel Candy
Bottom Notes – Spice and Pine


Mendo Breath Strain: Timeless Noir
Mendo Breath is a captivating blend that is renowned for its remarkable balance, blending the serenity of nature with Timeless Vapes’ innovative expertise, delivering an immersive experience of relaxation and flavor.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
The Mendo Breath flavor journey begins with an unmistakable earthy base, reminiscent of a forest after a fresh rain. Layers of caramel sweetness gradually unveil themselves, intertwined with subtle vanilla undertones, offering a harmonious marriage of earthiness and dessert-like richness. A faint hint of pine rounds off this sophisticated profile, adding an additional layer of depth.


Mendo Breath is highly favored for its deeply calming effects. Almost immediately, users are embraced by a warm wave of physical relaxation that gently eases tension and invites tranquility. This is coupled with a soft cerebral feeling, ensuring clarity of thought is maintained, making it perfect for a quiet evening.

Similar Strains

What is Mendo Breath similar to?
Mendo Breath, with its unique balance of flavors and effects, has few true rivals. However, aficionados might find strains like OG Kush or GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) to be of interest due to their similar earthy profiles. For those who are especially drawn to the sedative effects, strains such as Granddaddy Purple or Bubba Kush can be considered. If the sweet undertones are what captivates, strains like Caramel Kush or Vanilla Kush might be next on the list to explore.