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NOIR Do-Si-Dos

Sweet lime meets earthy and spicy pine in this 2022 edition of Do-Si-Dos. A 70/30 Indica to Sativa ratio, this strain is ideal for winding down.

Do-Si-Dos | 70% Indica, 30% Sativa  


Flavor Notes:  Lime and spicy pine



Relax and Unwind with Do Si Dos
Do Si Dos is an incredibly potent indica hybrid strain, a unique cross between two widely popular indica strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Notably, this strain boasts a high THC content, generally ranging from 22-28%, which contributes to its high potency.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
Our Do Si Dos strain stands out for its rich and complex flavor profile in each vape cartridge. The strain’s buds, typically coated with a thick layer of trichomes, give off a sweet, earthy scent combined with undertones of pine and mint, a unique combination in vape flavors. This delicious aroma is carried over to its taste in the vape cartridge, characterized as sweet and nutty, leaving a lingering flavor on the palate. When you try the Do Si Dos cartridge, you’ll enjoy this strain’s full-bodied, intricate flavor, made possible by the high-quality cannabis oil and natural terpenes used in its production.


With its balanced blend of body and head highs, Do Si Dos offers a well-rounded cannabis experience in its vape form. The strain’s high THC content in the vape cartridge induces a soothing body high, offering relaxation and potential relief from various bodily discomforts. In tandem, users often experience an uplifted mental state when vaping Do Si Dos, marked by euphoria and increased creativity.

Similar Strains

What is Do Si Dos similar to?
In terms of its potent effects and distinctive flavor profile, Do Si Dos in a vape can be compared to other high-THC indica hybrids such as Girl Scout Cookies (its parent strain), Granddaddy Purple, and OG Kush in vape cartridges. However, its unique combination of sweet, earthy, piney, and minty flavors in the vape cartridge set it apart, offering a unique sensory experience that has quickly made it a favorite among consumers of vape strains.