NOIR Guava Chem

Drive focus and creativity with this fruity addition to the NOIR ‘22 flavor collection. Tropical fruit is at the forefront of this profile, with a refreshing flower-forward finish. The prominent terpene in this strain is myrcene.

Guava Chem | 55% Indica, 45% Sativa


Top Notes – Tropical Fruit and Diesel
Bottom Notes – Floral, Sour, and Spice



Guava Chem: A Potent and Tropical Blend
Noir Guava Chem, a highly potent hybrid vape strain created by crossing Guava and Chemdog, offers a rich experience in the world of vape strains. Guava, a Sativa-dominant strain, is renowned for its sweet tropical flavors and uplifting effects, while Chemdog, an Indica-dominant strain, is known for its strong scent and soothing effects. The offspring, Guava Chem has a THC level of approximately 25%, indicating its high potency and suitability for experienced vape users seeking a powerful high for relaxation and unwinding.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
The unique flavor profile of the Guava Chem vape strain provides a sweet and fruity flavor in each vape cartridge, mimicking tropical fruits like guava, mango, and pineapple. This blend of flavors is enriched by a spicy, earthy undertone, adding complexity to the strain’s overall flavor profile. The scent profile of Guava Chem is strong, with hints of diesel and pine, a feature inherited from the Chemdog strain. This fusion of tastes and aromas in the vape offers a rich and enjoyable vaping experience, making Guava Chem distinct in flavor.


Guava Chem as a vape strain is a well-balanced hybrid that delivers both mental and physical effects. The high from the vape cartridge kicks off with an euphoric rush that enhances mood and sparks creativity and productivity, typical of hybrid vape strains. Following this cerebral high is a burst of energy that may help users focus on tasks requiring concentration. As the high from the strain progresses, users experience a wave of relaxation and calmness washing over their bodies, embodying the physical effects of the vape strain.

Similar Strains

What is Guava Chem similar to?
Guava Chem, as a unique blend of the Guava and Chemdog strains in a vape cartridge, combines the sweet, fruity taste of Guava with the spicy, earthy undertones of Chemdog, resulting in a well-balanced and delightful vaping experience. This vape strain delivers a euphoric, energizing high, similar to its parent strain Guava, before mellowing down into a calm, relaxed state akin to the effects of Chemdog.