Sweet Island Skunk

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Timeless Vapes Sweet Island Skunk

Mango, guava, and pineapple flavors are highlighted by an undeniable skunky finish. Limonene, Myrcene, and Bisabolol create an effects profile that uplifts and inspires.

Prominent Terpenes
– Limonene
– Myrcene
– Bisabolol


Sweet Island Skunk: A Tropical Delight with a Mellow Twist

Escape to a paradise of cannabis bliss with Sweet Island Skunk, an extraordinary strain with a tropical aroma and mellow effects. This strain, particularly when enjoyed in a vape, prepares you to be enchanted by its distinct and soothing profile, enveloping you in the essence of ripe mangos, juicy citrus, and a touch of skunky goodness. Infused with our signature Timeless Terps, each puff from the vape cartridge delivers consistent, smooth, and robust tropical flavors – offering a laid-back experience for consumers seeking serenity.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
Sweet Island Skunk captivates the taste buds with its unique and tantalizing flavor profile. With each inhale from the vape cartridge, the luscious and tropical notes of mangoes and citrus excite your palate. The sweet and juicy flavors of this strain harmonize with a hint of skunk undertones, creating a flavorful experience for those seeking a tropical escape.


Beyond its flavor, the Sweet Island Skunk strain delivers a wave of mellow and relaxing effects. This strain weaves together a tapestry of tranquility and upliftment in a vape, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a laid-back and balanced high.

As the Sweet Island Skunk strain takes hold, you’ll experience relaxation and calmness that washes over you. The effects are often described as mellow and mood-enhancing, offering a peaceful and balanced state of mind. Additionally, Sweet Island Skunk provides subtle physical relief that eases tension and promotes a sense of well-being.

Similar Strains

What is Sweet Island Skunk similar to?
Sweet Island Skunk stands out among other strains that celebrate the tropical allure of island fruits. Varieties such as Tropical Haze, Mango Kush, and Citrus Sunrise, when vaped, offer similar aromatic and flavor profiles, immersing the senses in a delightful fusion of sensations. These strains, especially in a vape cartridge, are cherished by those who seek the tranquil embrace of serenity and the soothing touch of fruity delight.

Sweet Island Skunk is available in both a standalone vape cartridge and an All-in-One device. For those seeking a more convenient route, our All-in-One device is a perfect fit for vaping! Open the package, and you’re immediately ready to vape—no assembly or charging required. Equipped with leak-proof technology, it’s the ultimate on-the-go vape choice. Simply discard it responsibly when finished. Both the cartridge and the All-in-One options are designed to deliver the premium quality and distinct flavors of the Sweet Island Skunk strain.
Timeless All-in-One_ Sweet Island Skunk Vape Cartridge