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Wedding Pie

Berry Fruit Grape Spice

Timeless Azul Wedding Pie Live Rosin Cartridge

60% Indica, 40% Sativa


Wedding Pie Strain: Timeless Azul Live Rosin
Our Wedding Pie strain is a celebratory masterpiece capturing the essence of fine cannabis in every vape cartridge. Crafted meticulously, it offers users an indulgent escape reminiscent of the most cherished wedding celebrations, perfect for a vape experience.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
At the heart of the Wedding Pie vape strain lies a delectable fusion of tangy fruits and classic earthy undertones in each cartridge. Bright bursts of berry and citrus notes dance harmoniously with subtle hints of lavender and vanilla in the vape flavor, without being overly-sweet.


The enchantment of the Wedding Pie vape strain isn’t limited to its flavor. It may induce a profound sense of euphoria, lifting spirits to the heights of happiness and contentment. This head high is paired with a gentle body relaxation in the vape, ensuring the user feels grounded and at ease.

Similar Strains

What is Wedding Pie similar to?
For aficionados of the Wedding Pie strain’s rich flavor and balanced effects, strains such as Wedding Cake and Gelato in vape cartridges might resonate. Those seeking similar euphoric highs could venture towards strains like Purple Punch or Blue Dream. And for lovers of the fruity and earthy dance, Cherry Pie or Strawberry Cough are worthy of exploration.