Indica Strains: A Guide by Timeless

Understanding Indica Strains
When relaxation is your goal, Timeless Rest cartridges are your friend. The deeply relaxing effects of indicas are due in part to their high THC content. Immerse yourself in calming strains that are engineered to help you unwind and relax. Indica strains provide what is often referred to as a “body high”.

Timeless Indica Strains

Our indica strains are carefully formulated to promote relaxation. If you’re looking for an evening of peace, we suggest trying the following indica strains:

GDP is named after its distinct grape-like flavor. The effects of this sweet, grape and berry flavored, powerful strain are both euphoric and soothing.

Watermelonz is known for its juicy and sweet profile. This strain promotes a calm and tranquil state.

Blackberry Kush is a delicious strain with a strong entourage effect that focuses on the body.