Introducing: The Timeless x John Malta Regional Artist Collaboration

In partnership with DJ Stewart, the limited-edition Timeless x John Malta flip case and battery combo launches exclusively at all Good Day Farm locations in Missouri on Friday, May 12th. This new collaboration is not only about great artwork, but it is also about honoring brain cancer survivors and bringing awareness to the fight against the disease.

DJ Stewart is a skateboarder, brain cancer survivor, and the Community Outreach Coordinator for Head for the Cure. After beating his battle with brain cancer, DJ decided to dedicate himself to working with Head for the Cure. Head for the Cure is a program dedicated to defeating brain cancer in Kansas City, Missouri – Their mission is to build awareness of the disease, raise funds through a variety of fundraising efforts, provide resources to help guide patients through their diagnosis, and bring the community together so no one feels like they are fighting a brain tumor alone.

Meet the artist behind the collaboration, John Malta, a Missouri-based visual artist. With John Malta, we have created a limited-edition Flip Case & Battery Combo, T-shirt, and skate deck, all designed in honor of DJ and all brain cancer survivors. The colorful and playful artwork is a testament to the bravery and resilience of those affected by brain cancer. By purchasing any of the items from the Timeless x John Malta Regional Artist Collection, you will not only be getting a one-of-a-kind piece of art, but you will also be supporting Head for the Cure in their mission to defeat brain cancer in Kansas City, Missouri. All proceeds will go to Head for the Cure!

Get your hands on these limited edition items while supplies last and support Head for the Cure in their mission to defeat brain cancer. If you’d like to make a donation to Head for the Cure, please click here.

Learn more about Head for the Cure: Website and Instagram

Learn more about John Malta: Website and Instagram