Nyla Lee Artist Legacy Collaboration

The Timeless x Nyla Lee collaboration is releasing online and at select dispensary locations in Arizona, California, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, and New Jersey this June. Subscribe to our newsletter for a list of participating dispensaries.

The full collection includes:
– Limited-edition Timeless x Nyla Lee Flip Case & Battery Combo
– Limited-edition Nyla Lee Print
– Limited-edition Heavy Pedal x Timeless x Nyla Lee Cycle Kit Jersey

Meet Nyla Lee
Nyla Lee is a Phoenix based artist who has continued to build her artistic style through several projects across the country. Nyla utilizes spray paint and acrylic paint to create vibrant imagery that pulls you into her creative world. Her artwork is a mixture of playful, vibrant, whimsical, edgy, and modern. At the heart of Nyla’s creations are strong, empowered female characters. The characters in her artwork oftentimes portray emotions that are intended to make a deeper connection to viewers.

Get an auditory walkthrough of Nyla Lee’s day-to-day favorites with this Timeless Legacy Mix playlist: