Through his distinctive and vividly-colored artwork, Skinner tells the story of a bi-dimensional universe. His psychedelic nightmare style introduces the world to a new way of looking at art and life! Throughout his career, he has worked with different mediums, including: graphite, acrylic, airbrush, ink, digital design, and three dimensional design. His attention to detail and unique brushwork has distinguished him as one of the most profound artists of the 21st century.

We had the opportunity to hang out with Skinner, and got to learn about what keeps him inspired as an artist. Skinner draws inspiration from 80’s hit films and television shows like The Beastmaster, JAWS, The Hulk, Gozilla, and Ultraman. Anything that was creatively provoking inspired the San Francisco-based artist to create the compelling, vivid art that he’s known for today.

Skinner was stoked to curate his Artist Legacy playlist for our Spotify station! Get an auditory walkthrough of Skinners day-to-day favorites with his playlist, Timeless Artist Legacy Mix: Skinner

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Like what you see? Check out more of Skinners artwork here:

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