We had the opportunity to ask Brandy a few questions to get to know her and what keeps her inspired.



Timeless: Hi Brandy! Tell us a little bit about you…

Brandy: Hi! I make wooden goods, for sale on my website brandywayne.com, out of my garage in the best city, Long Beach, CA!

Timeless: Long Beach, so good! What brings you to Long Beach?

Brandy: I went to college in Long Beach (CSULB) and never left. I would never have come this far, without the people I have met in this city. They encourage me everyday, and I want to make people happy with the things that I make, as a thank you.

Timeless: Community is so important! That is wonderful. How did you get started in woodworking?

Brandy: Architecture didn’t work out, but furniture design was super exciting. I had a phase where I was obsessed with chairs, many architects are also furniture designers. I took a couple of shop classes and loved the building part almost more than the design part. My joy comes more from the process than the initial ideas. I slowly started collecting tools, I graduated college, got a job as a graphic designer, things slowed down with that job, and I got creative making wooden things on the side for money. That eventually became my full-time job because of all the support from my friends, family, and my community!

Timeless: and how has cannabis influenced your work?

Brandy: I’ve never thought about it, but it’s bound to have an impact when I wind down with cannabis every night. Cannabis culture has remained pretty much the same for so many decades, and I like that about it. My work features a lot of fun shapes that are present in cannabis pop culture ie; smiley faces, yin yangs, crescent moons, mushrooms, alien heads, etc. It’s just fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is how I feel about myself and my work.

Visit Brandy’s shop at www.BrandyWayne.com and follow her on Instagram @handydandybrandy for more amazing content.