Meet Noir – Our Live Resin Terpenes

Noir contains the full spectrum of notes that are present at the moment of its harvest, preserving everything we love about freshly-cut buds. Each small-batch of Noir contains a unique terpene profile exclusive to that particular harvest.

Limited-run, seasonally harvested strains

The exceptional flavor mirrors freshly harvested buds

Created with cannabis connoisseurs in mind

Noir is crafted using Subcritical H2O processing, or high-pressure steam. Extracting fast preserves natural flavor and prevents deterioration. Noir features live resin terpenes to give you the closest representation of taste and effect of familiar strains.

Depth & Dimension

You’ll instantly notice Noir’s intricate, multi-layered terpenes that evolve intricately from first inhale to smooth finish. Compared to conventional distillates, live resins present profoundly more complexity with brightness and grassiness upfront transitioning into deeper gas and earthiness on the backend. From juicy fruit acidity to full-bodied nuttiness, Noir strains showcase the complete essence of each cultivar’s distinctive personality.

Seasonal Harvests

To maintain the artisanal integrity of Noir’s production methods, harvests of each strain are small and seasonal. We always encourage customers to call their local dispensaries ahead or check online menus for updated availability information as Noir strains sell out quickly. Once a Noir flavor sells out, it’s gone forever!

Experience Jupiter Hardware 

We partnered with Jupiter Research to develop proprietary EVO cartridges engineered specifically for live rosin’s viscosity. This specialized vaporization piece harnesses maximum flavor complexity and potency for smooth, satisfying pulls from first draw to finish without any clogging or leaking. The EVO’s optimized heating evenly vaporizes terpenes for full-spectrum effects not replicated in any other hardware.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support as we push boundaries in product innovation and aim to provide the ultimate consumer experience.

Timeless Noir Live Resin Terpenes