Your Ultimate Guide to Halloween Vape Flavors

Halloween is a season of enchantment and spirits. If you’re searching for seasonal flavors to elevate your Halloween, look no further than our latest releases. Here, we introduce three standout strains that encapsulate a spooky spirit. As you inhale these special-edition flavors, prepare for a transcendent experience unlike any other.

  1. Worms: A Limited-Edition Hybrid Strain

Worms is an imaginative blend of Pink Starburst and Pineapple Express. As you take your first hit, you are immediately transported by the bold pineapple, mixed berries, and zesty citrus notes. And just when you think it’s over, the aftertaste reveals subtle hints of skunk and floral notes. This symphony owes its existence to the seamless blend of Humulene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool. These elements synergize to create an experience that calms the senses and awakens the intellect.

Timeless Halloween Flavor Worms


  1. Ghost OG Strain: The Epitome of Timeless Allure

Emerging from the shadows, Ghost OG captivates its audience with striking pungent notes of orange and lime, gradually transitioning into deep, earthy spice undertones. Being an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa concoction, Ghost OG gently elevates your mind, bringing about a cerebral uplift, while also grounding your body in relaxation. It’s the remedy for those looking to dispel the gloom and revel in relaxation.

Timeless June New Flavor Apexer + NOIR live resin

  1. Ghost Train Haze: The Essential Halloween Journey

Step aboard the vape express with Ghost Train Haze! This strain has a zesty freshness of sweet lemons and citrus, which gradually mellow into delicate earthy and floral hints. Given its strong Sativa dominance, Ghost Train Haze catapults you into a world of lucid euphoria, making it the ideal choice for those craving inspiration or a spirited uplift during the Halloween celebrations.

This spooky collection of limited-edition flavors is an invitation to embrace and relish the Halloween spirit. From strains that lull you into tranquility, inspire your thoughts, to those providing a well-balanced high, these themed offerings guarantee a memorable escape. Just like the ghosts of Halloween, these strains are only here for a hauntingly good time, and then they vanish. Get yours while supplies last.

4. NEW! Tato Caraveo Artist Legacy Collaboration

There’s a shift in the air – and it’s not just the spine-chilling breeze of the Halloween season. This year, we’re proud to introduce a new facet to our Halloween lineup: The Timeless x Tato Caraveo Artist Legacy Collaboration.

Timeless Skull Vape

Tato Caraveo, a renowned artist from Phoenix, has long been painting the town red…and blue, and green, and every other color you can imagine! His art isn’t just art; it’s a narrative. Wander through downtown Phoenix, and his vibrant murals will sweep you away into a world where surrealism and reality waltz together. Characters, each more unique than the last, beckon viewers to stop, stare, and delve deeper. Among his distinct symbols is the recurring presence of string instruments, a nod to Tato’s dual identity as both an artist and a musician. His artwork is a symphony of color, narrative, and passion.

Now, the vibrant worlds of Timeless and Tato Caraveo come together in an electrifying collaboration. Drawing inspiration from Tato’s glowing skull signature, we’ve crafted a special edition Flip Case & Battery combo and a striking car sunshade. A piece of Tato’s legacy, now yours to own. Make a statement, whether you’re on the roads of Arizona or parked in California. But remember, just as with our Halloween strains, these are limited-edition items. Available at and select dispensaries in Arizona, California, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Catch them before they’re gone!


Tato Caraveos