Originally from the town of Nogales, Rene Andrade has quickly gained recognition in Phoenix as a talented chef and restaurant owner. In 2021, Andrade was awarded Best New Chef in Phoenix soon after the opening of his new restaurant, Bacanora, located at 1301 NW Grand Avenue. 

At Bacanora, Andrade focuses on sharing the delicious, yet simple Sonoran food he grew up with. One of the most notable qualities about Bacanora is that there are no stoves or ovens – all food is cooked over a large mesquite-fired grill! Quality ingredients that honor the region of Sonora are thoughtfully put together and cooked over the grill; the flavors are reminiscent of that comforting, old-style Sonoran cooking that is so rare to find. It’s easy to tell that each plate of food at Bacanora is made with love, and that is all because of chef Rene Andrade’s connection to food and dedication to making visitors feel right at home!

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