Meet Angela Renee Chase, a local Oklahoma chef and co-owner/operator of Flora Bodega and Paseo Farmers Market! The women behind Flora Bodega have created an in-person marketplace that is open 7 days a week featuring over 70 local vendors, local art, plants, wine, beer, and more! Flora Bodega prioritizes sourcing from businesses that are QTBIPOC+ & women-owned, have good environmental practices, and are beginning entrepreneurs. Paseo Farmers Market is a worker-owned cooperative that promotes a culture of advocacy, awareness, opportunity, and sustainability. At Paseo Farmers Market, visitors can purchase organically grown produce, truly pastured meats, locally roasted coffee, hand-crafted household items, and lots more!

In celebration of Women’s History Month and the launch of our Strawberry Shortcake flavor, we collaborated with Angela to create a sweet treat to share with our local Oklahoma partners! Angela was kind enough to bake delicious Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes for our team to blitz dispensaries with during the month of March.

To accompany her Women’s History Month feature, Angela had the idea of making a donation to The Urban Mission, an Oklahoma-based non-profit organization. The Urban Mission is a neighborhood outreach center that kindly serves people in need across Oklahoma.

Timeless has donated $500 during Women’s History Month to the Urban Mission!

Looking to donate too? Click  here to make a donation at any time!


We got to know Angela a little better and are so stoked to share part of our convo with you! Keep reading to learn more about her story…

[Timeless] With this being a women’s month feature, what struggles/obstacles have you overcome in the industry and this space you’ve created?   [Angela] For women, and especially black and brown women, we assumed that the basic patriarchy was the main uphill battle we’d fight in each industry, but I can fully state from my experience that dealing with entitled white women is the NEW patriarchy. Many want the same power as the hands we all thought we were collectively prying it from. So I’ve repeatedly had to back out of situations to where I was being made to feel that my own: work experience, talent, ideas & goals weren’t valid enough to be my own; that they were supposed to help morph into another woman-of-power’s “vision”. So in essence I was merely there to build my own true vision to help [beautify] their world. Luckily after continuing to charge forward, I have way less people, and entitled women talking down to me or trying to convince me to second guess myself.

[Timeless] What do you want to tell any female entrepreneurs in the industry?   [Angela] Trust your gut if you know you stand in an equitable/truthful/ethical sound place in your heart & mind. BUT others will help affirm it for you too. People that desperately want to be leaders, do not win leadership status or real respect by label or status.

[Timeless] If you could tell your younger self a piece of advice what would it be?   [Angela] You’re that witch, trust your gut. Be even more vocal. Set strong boundaries for manipulative people. Be even more vocal for other voices that are not being heard. Break the white-assimilating & corporate world around you: harder & faster.


We feel honored to share a community with a female entrepreneur like Angela, who is committed to pushing the status quo and fighting for representation in the food industry! 

Looking for organic, locally grown food/drink items in Oklahoma? Visit Flora Bodega and the Paseo Farmers Market located at 3020 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103