Quality is Timeless!

Looking for premium cannabis products in New Jersey? Timeless House of Brands is now available at select dispensaries in New Jersey. Timeless carries a wide range of cannabis vape cartridges, disposable vapes, batteries, and other smoking accessories. Whether you’re interested in sativa, indica, or hybrid strains – Timeless has something for you. Ask a budtender about Timeless to discover the most ideal vaping products suited for your needs.

Exceptional Flavor

At Timeless, every cartridge is precisely manufactured to guarantee the best possible flavor, quality, and consistency. With our diverse strain selection, you may be sure to find the ideal fit for your taste preferences. Whether you’re a fan of rich, fruity strains or earthy, pungent strains, our assortment of cartridges has something for everyone.

Current Product Selection

Timeless Core Strains:
Jungle Punch (Sativa)
Sweet Island Skunk (Sativa)
Blue Dream (Hybrid)
Cactus Chiller (Hybrid)
Blackberry Kush (Indica)
Watermelonz (Indica)

Noir Limited Run Strains:

Noir contains the full spectrum of notes that are present at the moment of its harvest, preserving everything we love about freshly-cut buds. Each small-batch of Noir contains a unique terpene profile exclusive to that particular harvest.
– Blue Ribbon
– Cataract Kush
– Tres Leches
– The Soap
– Tokyo OG
– Georgia Pine

Nyla Lee Artist Legacy Collection:

The limited-edition Timeless x Nyla Lee Flip Case & Battery Combo will be available at select dispensaries starting June 28th 2024. Nyla Lee is a Phoenix based artist who has continued to build her artistic style through several projects across the country. Nyla utilizes spray paint and acrylic paint to create vibrant imagery that pulls you into her creative world. Her artwork is a mixture of playful, vibrant, whimsical, edgy, and modern. At the heart of Nyla’s creations are strong, empowered female characters. The characters in her artwork oftentimes portray emotions that are intended to make a deeper connection to viewers.

Shred for the Cure Collection:

The limited-edition Flip Case and Battery Combo and Melon Grab hybrid strain is now available at select dispensaries while supplies last. This campaign honors those affected by brain cancer, and brings awareness to the fight against the disease. The colorful and playful artwork within the collection is a testament to the resilience of those affected by brain cancer.

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