Timeless Vapes Lemon Faderade Flavor Art

Lemon Faderade

An OG Timeless blend thats popularity has stood the test of time!

Timeless Vapes Lemon Faderade Vape Cartridge 1000mg

An energy blend by creation, this flavor quenches the thirst with a Lemon-Lime test on the exhale that leaves you HIGHdrated. Limonene, Terpinolene, and Citral are present to give you a happy, energetic, and creative high.

Terpene Profile: Limonene, Terpinolene, Citral


Lemon Faderade: A Citrus-Infused Oasis of Cannabis Bliss
Immerse yourself in the citrus-infused experience of Lemon Faderade, a strain that invites you on a journey like no other. The zesty and exhilarating profile of this remarkable strain in a vape will excite your senses with a symphony of bright and uplifting flavors, indulging your senses and rejuvenating your spirit. Offering a refreshing experience for consumers seeking a burst of revitalization, with its vibrant flavor profile and captivating effects in a vape cartridge, this strain promises to deliver an extraordinary experience. Try Lemon Faderade in a vape and let it transport you to paradise.

Flavor Profile

Profile of Flavor
Lemon Faderade has a dynamic and vibrant flavor profile in a vape. With each inhale from the vape cartridge, your palate is greeted by an explosion of zesty lemon and lime! The refreshing and tangy notes of this strain create an invigorating cannabis experience in a vape for those looking for a flavorful and uplifting adventure.


Beyond its flavor, Lemon Faderade in a vape transports you to a state of blissful euphoria. This strain has a balance of uplifting and soothing effects in a vape, making it a perfect choice for those in search of a revitalizing and energizing cannabis adventure.

As Lemon Faderade takes hold in a vape, you’ll experience a surge of mental clarity and a burst of creative inspiration that uplifts the spirit and ignites a sense of focus. The effects of this vape strain are often described as invigorating and mood-enhancing, offering a refreshing burst of positivity and a renewed sense of well-being. Additionally, Lemon Faderade provides a gentle physical relaxation in a vape cartridge that melts away tension and leaves you feeling at ease.

Similar Strains

What is Lemon Faderade similar to?
Lemon Faderade in a vape finds kinship among other strains that have citrusy notes. Varieties such as Citrus Squeeze, Lemon Burst, and Lime Zest, when enjoyed in a vape cartridge, offer similar aromatic and flavor profiles, immersing the senses in a delightful fusion of tangy and refreshing sensations. These strains are cherished by those who seek an invigorating and refreshing flavor in their vape experience.

Lemon Faderade is available in both a standalone vape cartridge and an All-in-One device. For those seeking a more convenient route, our All-in-One device is a perfect fit! Open the package, and you’re immediately ready to vape—no assembly or charging required. Equipped with leak-proof technology, it’s the ultimate on-the-go vape choice. Simply discard it responsibly when finished. Both options are designed to deliver the premium quality and distinct flavors that Timeless is known for, especially the unique flavor of this strain.
Timeless All-in-One Lemon Faderade Vape Cartridge