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Energy (S)

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Fields and Haze come together to create this uplifting blend of effects and flavor.

Available OK

All-in-One Energy (S)

Lemon Faderade

An OG Timeless blend thats popularity has stood the test of time!

Available AZ OK

Energy (S)

Maui Wowie

An exotic blend of mango, pine, and pepper add complexity to this profile.

Available CA MO OH OK

Energy (S)


Earthy, sweet, pungent & Sativa-dominant.

Available AZ MO OH

All-in-One Energy (S)

Sharkelberry Fin

A Timeless exclusive strain, Sharkelberry Fin is packed with nostalgia.

Available CA MO OK

Energy (S)

Cranberry OG

This fan-favorite has returned for the holiday season!

Available CA MO OH OK

Energy (S)

Tangie Sunrise

Rise and shine.

Available CA OK

All-in-One Energy (S)

Sweet Island Skunk

We want the funk!

Available AZ CA MO NJ OH OK

Energy (S)

Zebra Stripes

Long lasting flavor that doesn’t quit!

Available MO OK

All-in-One Energy (S)

Jungle Punch

Jungle Punch, aka Sharkelberry Fin is packed with nostalgia.

Available AZ CA NJ

All-in-One Energy (S)

Jurassic Haze

Jurassic Haze invites you on a journey through time, delivering an uplifting and dynamic experience.

Available AZ CA MO OK